From Our Board President

Throughout the 25-year history of ELLIPSE Peninsula AIDS Services, our primary goals have been to service the needs of the HIV/AIDS community as well as to build and nurture the LGBT Community in San Mateo County. Our vision is one of a dynamic and active community right here in San Mateo County - our home. Through continuing support of our clients and our redesigned education and outreach programs, we are now poised to aggressively realize this vision.

Support. Education. Prevention. Outreach.

At ELLIPSE, we envision an energized and cohesive LGBT community in San Mateo County that fully supports people living with HIV/AIDS one that aggressively works to educate the public and prevent new infections. We believe in this vision and we are committed to turning it into reality...With Your Help.

A community does not build and grow itself. We are searching for individuals who share our vision for San Mateo County and who are interested in supporting this vital and progressive work. With the help and support of the corporate and individual leaders in our county, we are confident that our goals and our vision will become a reality. We see a strong community where persons living with HIV/AIDS will no longer fear losing their home, going hungry, or suffering from lack of support and personal care.

It has been shown in long-term medical studies that people with HIV/AIDS who have a support system have better medical outcomes and stay healthy and active longer. San Mateo County is one of the finest places to live in the United States. Our scenic beauty and wealth of spirit, as well as our strong business community, make our home a great place to live. In that spirit, we want the members of our community who live with HIV to enjoy the many benefits of living in such a special place without having to endanger their health with worry and fear.

There is a sea change happening in the United States today. Americans are tired of the politics of fear and negativity. We are looking towards a way of creating a better today and a better tomorrow. At ELLIPSE, we know a strong community where everyone benefits realizes that vision. We see a San Mateo County that stands on its own, a place that not only supports its most vulnerable citizens - but a place that becomes as known for HIV/AIDS advocacy as our big brother to the north. The City has a wonderful and vibrant past, but today and tomorrow belongs to us. ELLIPSE is poised to become an organization as known for positive change in the GLBT Community and the HIV/AIDS Community as any in our history.

We have the background and experience to put this vision into action, and the energy and passion to fully realize it. With your help we intend to become a powerful advocate for people with HIV/AIDS in San Mateo County, in California, and throughout the nation. ELLIPSE and San Mateo County are the future.

Personal Stories

Here are a few personal stories from our clients which speak to our presence in the community, names were changed as requested:

David: My partner and I became aware of ELLIPSE in 1999 when we moved to Redwood City. Our hopes were high when we approached ELLIPSE because we were previously affiliated with an ASO when we lived in San Louis Obispo, and we felt at home immediately. The counselors were friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful.

My partner, Steve, was diagnosed with HIV in 1987 and he was close to death in 1996. His health rebounded with the emergence of protease inhibitors and he was given an additional seven years until AIDS-related lymphoma (cancer) took him from us at the age of 52. The staff at ELLIPSE was vital to our emotional health and nutrition, and I don't know what we would have done at times without the help of the Food Bank.

It has been three years since Steve's passing and I've had the rewarding experience of working with ELLIPSE. Today I am the president of ELLIPSE's Board of Directors.

"Hector:" "Hector" (not his real name) came to us with a CD4 (t-cell) count of five (5) and weighing 105 pounds upon his release from the hospital. Ellipse helped feed him and his family while he was unable to work and today he's back at work and his weight continues to climb. ELLIPSE was even able to get a computer donated to "Hector" to help with his work.

"Lou:" "Lou" (also not a real name) is a client in his late sixties who attended our educational seminars. With the information and the skills he learned, "Lou" has been able to reduce his pill burden and reverse facial wasting through talks with his medical team. "Lou" and his partner also attend couple's counseling at ELLIPSE and both are enthusiastic supporters of our work.

Felicia: This young mother of three came to us after testing positive for HIV at age 19. At the time she was not getting regular check-ups, she was terribly isolated and her health was deteriorating to the point where she lost her sight. Today she has not only regained much of her health, Felicia (also not a real name) also speaks at local schools - sharing her experience to help other young women avoid being exposed to HIV and other infectious illnesses.

"Jim: Jim (also not a real name) is a long-time AIDS activist, educator, and freelance immunology journalist who called ELLIPSE in March of 2006 because his medical bills were overwhelming him, and his doctor was of no help at all. The volunteer who answered the phone was able to help Jim get his doctor's office to coordinate his medical costs and avail himself of the help he is eligible for, subsequently Jim worked with ELLIPSE by helping us with our educational and promotional materials.

These are just a few of the many people who have been helped by ELLIPSE, and we continue to be here for people with HIV/AIDS in San Mateo County, offering assistance, education and support to them and their families.

We have been helping people in our local community since 1986 and our commitment to the people of San Mateo County is stronger than ever. Please join us as we work to grow ELLIPSE and nurture the community at large. With your help we will continue to do great things for people with HIV/AIDS and their families.